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Our services get you thousands of plays throughout the major music networks. Have a chance of becoming an over-night sensation.

Adremus takes pride in providing a unique service using techniques unmatched by our competition.

No effort on your end

Fast service

We handle all the hard-work involving your music marketing order. Sit back, and relax as you watch your fanbase grow!

As soon as your order is place, Adremus is working on it. Give or take, we fulfill most orders within the week!

How do we promote your music ?

The beauty of the service Adremus provides is the versatility of methods we apply to the tracks we receive for promotion and marketing. When an order is placed, your music will be placed in the hands of elite marketers who truly understand the music industry.


The methods applied to your music in terms of promotion will be dependent on several factors, such as: the genre of music you make, the target audience, potential reach, and more.

Award-winning service

Our music marketing service is provided by award winning music and talent agents across the United States and the United Kingdom.

No passwords required!

Adremus will NEVER ask for your passwords.

Real plays, organic reactions

Professional team

Best service


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